●Massage school courses●



■Basic Thai Massage

25 hours(5Days~)/¥80,000

This course will establish the student in the fundamentals for giving a 1.5 hour Traditional Thai Massage.


■Professional Thai Massage
25 hours(5Days~)/¥80,000

This course builds on that foundation and enlists additional technique in order for the student to perform a 3 hours Traditional Thai Massage. 


★Basic and Professional set course

50 hours(10days〜)/¥150,000


■Foot Massage
24 hours(4Days~)/¥73,000 

This course is designed to teach you how to perform a 1 hour foot massage correctly.Reflexology points make this the perfect massage.


■Elbow Massage
24 hours(4Days~)/¥73,000

This course utilizes additional techniques such as Elbow Massage,allowing the student to accurately perform a 3 hours Traditional Thai Massage.

■Strech Massage
24 hours(4Days~)/¥73,000

After leaning Thai Massage course,This course that you can learn stretching technique even more deeply.



This is traditional therapy transmitted to northern Thailand. It strikes muscles and tendons with mallets and piles. Tok-Sen provides stimulation to the deepest parts of the muscles and nerves.

The sound of a comfortable tree produces a relaxing effect. The whole blood circulation improves and the built-in function is activated.


■Aloma Oil Massage
24 hours(4Days~)/¥85,000

Using your thumb,palm and arm,to learn how to treat the entire body with oil.(Neck to feet,Including stomach)


■Facial Massage
24 hours(4Days~)/¥85,000

This course will teach makeup removal,Oil massage,Pack,Press the facial meridian points.

Thai Massage to hands and feet during packing.


■Pregnancy/Baby and kids Massage
18 hours(3Days~)/¥55,000

A gentle massage that can be done after the 4th month of pregnancy. The baby massage until 3 years old,and kids ages 4 to 12 years old.


■Postpartum Mothers Thai Treatments

14 hours(2Days~)/¥45,000

Thailand's traditional postpartum care. Warm the body while using detoxifying herbs to help restore the uterus and pelvis. Massage the whole body with a herb ball (Wrapped in cloth with medicinal herbs).



●Massage session●


≪Regular course≫

●Thai Massage ・・・

           60 min¥4,500

           90 min¥6,500

          120 min¥8,500

●Aroma Oil Massage ・・・


           60 min¥5,000

●Facial Massage ・・・


           60 min¥5,000

 《Set course》

●Aroma Oil Massage 40min+ Facial Massage 50min・・・

           90 min¥7,200

Thai Massage+Cupping 

             75 min ¥5,500 

                          105 min ¥7,500


●Acupuncture/cupping session● 


●Cupping therapy with oil・・・30 min ¥4,000

Acupuncture・・・ 60 min ¥4,500

●Cosmetic acupuncture・・・ 60 min ¥5,500